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Duncan’s neighbour saw someone tampering with his brakes at 8:30am on 25th January. We learn from the London Watch paper that Thomas Toole was killed in London between 8:30 and 9am on 25th January. One brother must have killed Thomas Toole, while the other killed Duncan Lomas. A man with black hair, a ponytail and fire tattoo on his neck is visible in Duncan’s sketch of the parade, which matches Lucio Volta’s description. Lucio could not have murdered Thomas in London between 8:30 and 9am and got to Westlow for 12:45, because the direct train takes five hours (as stated in the Westlow Herald paper) so he must have been the one who tampered with Duncan’s brakes. After tampering with Duncan’s brakes in the early morning, Lucio followed Duncan, hoping to be led to more members of the Vipers – that’s why he is in the sketch of the parade. It paid off, as Lucio saw Lisa Redruth come to Duncan outside the church, and Lucio followed her back to London and killed her in her hotel that evening.