Well, well, well, think you’ve found the solution? Make sure you’ve formulated the most detailed answer possible in your head, on paper, or with team mates, then click below. Missed something? Why not go back to the evidence to get up to speed? All good? Move on to the next stage.


Well done. The threatening email was sent from Perci’s iPhone 13 Pro Max. But it wasn’t Perci who sent it. You will have deduced from Malcolm’s Find My iPhone screenshot and the Sammy’s Scraps receipt that someone had Perci’s phone minutes before the email was sent. That someone must’ve been Gary, who was told by William Wirth earlier that week to supply his lion food from the ‘cheaper place on Liberty Avenue’. He must’ve ‘borrowed’ Perci’s phone when he returned the lost Nibbles. Lucky for Gary that Perci’s phone had spellcheck. Unlucky for him that he left the ‘Sent from iPhone 13 Pro Max’ tag at the end of the email. All of this explains why Gary tried to frame Malcolm at the beginning of the investigation with that wrench.