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Duncan’s packages over the past year have mainly been sent to the UK and Ireland, where the Viper gang is based. One of the individuals he made a passport for matches Lisa Redruth, who also gave him a note arranging a meeting at the Oscar Wilde statue in Dublin at sunrise. Lisa is clearly in the Vipers, who are based in the UK and Ireland. The Vipers were prevented from travelling in 2017, but over the past year have conducted a series of attacks on their rivals, the Coltellis, in Italy. It was about this time that Duncan began making fake passports to order. However, his most recent package was sent to Perugia, where the Coltellis are based. The handwriting on the note in the Perugia Star matches the handwriting on the note from “Antonio” ordering passports from Duncan, showing that it was written by Marco Volta, one of the only 2 Coltellis left alive and free. Marco had written to Duncan to obtain fake passports, posing as an “ordinary” guy. Once Marco and Lucio had their fake passports, they used them to enter the UK to begin killing those responsible for the deaths of all their fellow gang members, including Thomas Toole, whose death is reported in the London Watch as happening around midday on January 25th. Hearing of Thomas’s death, Lisa Redruth found Duncan to tell him the brothers were seeking revenge and he must go to Dublin and wait at the Oscar Wilde statue at sunrise, to be taken to a safehouse. She showed him the article on Toole’s death in the Crime Report Daily paper (her fingerprints are on the paper). Unfortunately for Duncan, she was too late. Duncan’s fatal mistake was to make fake passports for “Antonio” and his brother. The mistake led to his death by allowing the Volta brothers to enter the UK and kill him.