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Excellent work. Here’s the order of Duncan’s day.
1. The Sculpture Park. Duncan has a flower from the Westlow Botanical Trust fundraiser, advertised in the Westlow Herald, which finished at 10:30am, so he must have gone here first. (He must have got the flower from the Sculpture Park because the Botanical Garden is too far for him to get to and back and visit the other places he did in the time available).
2. The Viewpoint. The sun is visible, looking east, so it was probably morning. He must have come here after the Sculpture Park as he would not have time to get back to it after visiting the other places.
3. Westlow Gallery/The Market. He had to come here before it closed at 12:30pm, so this must have been next.
4. At 12:45pm the parade arrived in Golden Square, so this must have been his fourth destination. Golden Square is the only Square with a layout that matches that shown in the sketch.
5. Saint Dunstable’s Church. The time on the clock is 1:10pm, so this must come after everything else. Saint Dunstable’s is the only church he could get to from Golden Square by 1:10pm.