Lucky Egg is a creative party game studio based in Soho, London.

The brand was built from a desire to create party games, board games and card games that people love ❤️

We design and develop incredibly fun and enjoyable table top games. We invest large amounts of time and money into the development of each game to ensure we deliver the best gaming experiences for our customers.

We want to play a part in making life more fun for the people around us. Making people laugh, making people smile and helping people enjoy themselves! If our games help create dialogues like these: "Woah, that was a lot of fun" and "I haven't laughed like that in forever!" we know we're succeeding!

It's not only about the game play, it's also about consistency at every touchpoint. We are building beautiful games that stand out on bookshelves and coffee tables. No detail is too small for us to scrutinise!